Reopened in the spring of 2014, Senso Art Gallery represents a private space dedicated to presenting, experimenting, challenging, stimulating and promoting contemporary art, whilst also focusing on theoretical dialogue.

Located in an urban area of interest and adequate visibility, which can be further enhanced through its cultural offer, Senso Gallery regularly holds exhibitions accompanied by promotional and advertising materials – catalogues that are published under special technical conditions, monographs, flyers, news, documentaries and art movies which are broadcast on Senso online television.

The gallery aims to encourage quality, creativity, originality, novelty and aesthetic relevance in its generous spaces – especially through works accomplished by young artists, irrespective of the visual arts field they approach, whilst falling, at the same time, under the category of portfolio galleries; under this double aspect, the gallery proposes, confirms or may contribute to imposing values, fostering art collecting and enhancing the dynamics of the Romanian art market.

The access of emergent artists or of artists consecrated through picture rails placed in private or group art exhibitions, as well as through events structured by themes of domains, is free, democratic and stimulating; sponsored by Fildas Art Foundation and by the program Catena pentru artă (Catena for art), the curatorial projects of this gallery require quality and authenticity of the artistic expression as selection and promotion terms; hence, the prospective role played by the gallery and its educational nature, as current art is known to require habituation, information, initiation, empathy, lack of prejudice and of any potential form of peremptory radicalism.

Holder of an important collection of contemporary works of art, Senso Gallery is focused on sensitizing the Romanian society with respect to art and its manifestations or performances, as well as on constantly proposing unknown, arising or recognized artistic benchmarks, enhancing the visibility of the artistic discourses in general, fostering new communication means and becoming a consecrating key reference point in the Romanian contemporary art landscape.

A developing project, meant to identify and promote concepts, ideas and performance means through its curatorial projects, in the context of a dynamic, multi-valent artistic present-day reality, and to stimulate highly relevant or exploratory art expressions, the gallery’s activity proposes complex meanings and image interpretations to its visitors, for the overall purpose of becoming a necessary interaction platform between the public and contemporary art.