#fast food, Ana Stefania Andronic’s personal exhibition (BUZU) at Five Plus Art Gallery in Vienna, Austria

#fast food, Ana Stefania Andronic’s personal exhibition (BUZU) at Five Plus Art Gallery in Vienna, Austria


Senso Gallery is opening on Thursday, the 4th of January 2018, at Five Plus Art Gallery in Vienna (Argentinierstraße 41, 1040) a novel personal exhibition of the artist Ana Stefania Andronic BUZU, entitled #fast food.

The exhibition will be held in the period 4 January - 1 January 2018.

This event is supported by FILDAS Art and Catena Group for the CATENA for ART Programme.

On this occasion, the art album #fast food – Ana Stefania Andronic BUZU will be launched, a volume containing works of the artist, edited by FILDAS Art in English and German. This editorial project, together with the organization of the exhibition, is sponsored by Anca Vlad, Honorary President of the Association of Women in Visual Arts and President of the FILDAS Art Foundation.

“Ana Stefania Andronic is a graphic designer who has carefully evaded the temptations of contemplative life, which are opposed to her open temperament and to the exuberant creative energy she possesses; she has blended, just like the young people from the generation she represents, in the trepidations and the jamming animation of active life, whose prompts she has come to decipher so well that she accepts them with an interest freed of any stiffness, with good-humour, detachment, and humour” -  Doina Pauleanu, critic and Doctor of Art history, manager of the Constanta Art Museum.

Ana Stefania Andronic BUZU's personal exhibitions from the past years, as well as her participations in international fairs “have investigated new modes of expression in figurative painting, evolving towards a complex decorativism, impregnated by symbols and graphic suggestions”. A member of the Visual Artists’ Union of Romania, Ana Stefania Andronic BUZU attended the graphics courses of the “Nicolae Tonitza” High School of Art and the National University of Arts in Bucharest - the Faculty of Visual Arts, where she had Mircia Dumitrescu as mentor. She chose the Graphics section because she was a fan of cartoons from as early as elementary school and she found in professor Mircia Dumitrescu a mentor with great understanding for “whims” of his disciples.

Visual information and text information.... News and graffities, videos and gadgets, videograms and revolt. An ongoing flow, a stream which cannot be contained with the neurons or with the eyes, or with the heart, from which individual extraction/withdrawal becomes less likely with every day that passes. The inflow of information turns into jamming, and it loses its aesthetic value and its informational value - a constant “hum” which taints a person’s course. A fog which spoils the outlook and mitigates fake news, as well as the advances of medicine and the latest trends in fashion. Reduced to “motion blur”, perception withdraws inwards, to phantasies and phantasms which the exterior environment has not yet influenced, but this is the next step, the next stage: exterior jamming is internalized. How much and what remains of dreams and reveries? - Cristi Marculescu, film critic

Since 2010, Ana Stefania Andronic BUZU has been the protagonist of several personal exhibitions (of digital arts, fashion design, decorative arts) in the country, as well as abroad. Among the group exhibitions in which she was present with works, we make mention of the following: Animafilm Bucharest (with animation works, 1996), ARTEXPO – TNB Gallery (2004), The National Military Circle (The “Marina” contest-exhibition – 2nd prize, 2010 and 1st prize, 2011), the Museum of History – Targoviste (2010), AVANPREMIERE - Fashion and Life Style Festival, „Parada marilor branduri de moda" (“The Great Fashion Brands Parade”)(The ARK Club, 2010) et. al.

Ana Stefania Andronic is a young artist with an inexhaustible imagery, difficult to categorize, which carries the playfulness of shapes and that of logos into a place of buoyant magic. The oneiric pomp, with the sounds and the reverberations of travelling back in time, the sensations, the flavours and the candours forging metaphors are present everywhere, carving, at times ineffably, at other times with a disquieting lyricism, a world which moves under the laws of a personal scenography (...)” - Iolanda Malamen, 2017

She has participated with works in Biennials in Bucharest, Arad, Targoviste, Timisoara and Buzau, as well as in other group exhibitions, and also in the International Competition of Visual Arts, from Iasi. In September 2016, one of her works was selected for the event “ARTE in BUCURESTI” (“Arts in Bucharest”) with the theme IN-VARIABLE. In 2016, she also launched a colouring book for adults, “IMAGINARIUM". She completed a wide range of orders for offices of institutions and for the first Cine-Cafe (Senso). In 2017, at the Carturesti Verona bookstore, Ana Stefania Andronic (BUZU)’s graphics exhibition, “PERCEPTII” (“Perceptions”) was opened - an exhibition of „meditation and revelation”. In May 2017at the KretzulescuGalleries, as part of the ART SAFARI 2017 Fair, 5th Edition, the SENSO Gallery participated and promoted the works of the artist Ana Stefania Andronic BUZU. On this occasion, the #motion blur art album was launched, a project made with thesupport of the FILDAS Art Foundation and of Catena Group, through the Programme Catena pentru Arta (“Catena for Art”), a volume which contains works of the artist.

Bringing art closer to you –this is our gallery’s slogan, and for its sake we aim to make the most representative selection of authors and works possible. The exhibitions held at Senso Gallery are part of a complex programme, generously open to all - “Catena pentru arta” (“Catena for Art”) - through which we hope an assumed cultural vocation will be asserted, in an authentic and original way. In 2017 we will also continue to organize, with the same success, landmark events in Bucharest’s cultural landscape” –  SENSO Art Gallery, Bucharest

SENSO Art Gallery participated in 2014 in the Contemporary Art Ruhr Fair (C.A.R), with the artists Anca Boeriu, Marius Burhan and Eduard Duldner, and in the 2015 edition with the artist Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu). In the 2015 and 2017 editions of the ArtSafari Art Fair, SENSO Gallery participated with Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu) again, but also with the artist Corneliu Vasilescu (2015). In the period 14- 17 September 2017, Senso Gallery participated with the artists Nicolae Moldovan, Ion Anghel and Edith Torony, in Arena Berlin at the 4th edition of the International Art Fair POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair from Germany. It wasthe first art gallery in Romania present in this large-scale event within BERLIN ART WEEK.

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