"Junkyard Symphony" Exhibition by Edith Torony

"Junkyard Symphony" Exhibition by Edith Torony

On September 26th,2017SENSO Art Gallery  hosted the opening, in the presence of a large audience, of the  "Junkyard Symphony" Exhibition by the artist Edith Torony. The exhibition was opened by Doina Pauleanu PhD, historian and art critic, director of Constanta Art Museum, and could be visited until October 20th, 2017.

"Junkyard is a kind of Recycle Bin of the memory, the unconscious ... A sort of personal archaeology in the form of a chaotic landscape, populated with all sorts of objects we reject, which we no longer need, abstract representations, sometimes with origins in the figurative, always on the edge. An illusory beauty of everything that is waste, of the attractive, but meaningless packaging. A desolate space, invaded by everything we do not need anymore in the all-powerful contemporary consumerism"- Edith Torony, visual artist.

Originating from Timisoara, Alexandra Edith Torony graduated the Faculty of Arts and Design within the West University of Timisoara, holds a Master's Degree in the field and is a member of the Romanian Fine Artists' Union, Painting Department, Timisoara Branch, since 2011.

In September, Senso Art Gallery in Bucharest represented Romania at the fourth edition of POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair International Art Fair from BERLIN ART WEEK in Germany, participating with artists Edith Torony, Nicolae Moldovan and Ion Anghel.

Edith Torony was among the artists from Romania, Belgium, Lebanon, Bulgaria participating in the EUROPEAN BRIDGES International Workshop for Contemporary Feminine Creation from Eforie-Sud in June. At that time, "EUROPEAN BRIDGES" International Exhibition of Creative Women, the 15th, Jubilee Edition, was hosted by the Art Museum in Constanta.

"Colour is for Edith Torony an indispensable tool of representation: intense to brilliance, sometimes even electric, can be transparent, diaphanous or  overshadowed by tensions; vivid, rakish, it fixes, delineates and unifies, it analyses or abstracts, it nuances, values, transmits or suggests. (...) If the urban outskirts are starky nowadays, this is not the case with the space of the paintings in this exhibition, a genuine topos-atopos (place without a place) of our imperfections and vulnerabilities, captured by the artist with a non-pathetic interest. Compositions with horizons that capture the entire layout of the canvas, the works grouped by Edith Torony in this series are populated with objects, sometimes bizarre fragments or invented shapes, lights, shadows and penumbras, spots, lines, volumes, most of them without any figurative coverage"- Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and manager of Constanta Art Museum.

This event is conducted with the support of  Catena Grup, through Catena for Art program, sponsor of all the events hosted by the SENSO Gallery, and continues the series of successful events hosted by Senso Gallery from the beginning of the year, such as "Three Stylistic Stances ... Anca Boeriu, Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu and Letitia Oprisan" Exhibitions, "From Sacrifice to Hope"(Mihai Topescu), "Habitualness to Metal and Glass" (Ileana Dana Marinescu) or release of "Tapestryalbum of artist Cela Neamtu.

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