Senso Gallery, for the first time at the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2017

Senso Gallery, for the first time at the POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair 2017

Senso Art Gallery from Bucharest represented Romania in the 4th edition of the International Art Fair POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair din Germaniawhich was held in the period 14 - 17 September 2017, at Arena Berlin (Eichenstraße 4). 

Senso Gallery participated in this large-scale cultural event within BERLIN ART WEEK with the artists Edith Torony, Nicolae Moldovan si Ion Anghel, being supported by Catena Group, through the Programme Catena pentru Arta (Catena for Art).

At the International Art Fair POSITIONS Berlin Art Fair (, which had an impressive exhibition space of over 6,500 sq. m, also present were famous Art Galleries from Germany (Berlin, Köln, Bonn, Nuremberg, Hamburg, München, Stuttgart, Darmstadt, Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Hanover, Heidelberg, Reutlingen, Weimar, Ahrenshoop, Greifswald, Aach, Baden-Baden), Poland (Warsaw, Poznan), France (Paris), Austria (Vienna), Great Britain (London, Birmingham), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Latvia (Riga), Spain (Barcelona), Greece (Athens), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas), Canada (Toronto), Japan (Tokyo).

The works entitled Party Is Over, made in 2015 by Edith Torony (“with refuse left by people at the seaside, after they enjoyed themselves”), are followed by the ones entitled Periphery of Memory, where objectual disarticulate elements seem to be looking for new identification props, in order to gradually attain (and this a quote from the author) „the Junkyard Symphony series, an ode to chaos, to reconstruction, to re-composition, reducing everything to a recycled playground, a second-hand world specific to our times, which we can no longer give up.” Most canvases in the current selection belong to the Junkyard Symphony cycle; they are joined by Lapis Ex Coelis, The Broken Gnome, Nocturne, Playground, Chemical Wedding, Periphery of Memory, as individual works, or as embodiments of ampler concerns. Colour is, for Edith Torony, an indispensable instrument of representation: intense to the point of radiance, sometimes even electrical, it can be transparent, aerial, or shadowed by tensions; alive, decadent, it establishes, differentiates and unifies, it analyses or abstracts, tones, valorises, coveys or suggests” - Doina Pauleanu, PhD,, critic and art historian, manager of the Constanta Museum of Art.

Nicolae Moldovan: “The simplification of form to the essence has always been a concern for me, and it has come to be the basic idea for my works. Clean, essentialized shapes, originate in the archaic shapes of ceramic art from the Neolithic, from which I borrowed the object defining and decorating technique, adjusting them to my sculptures, which are alive first of all by the force of the main shape (the mother shape) which, every now and then, interacts with elements of a different consistency and materiality (wood, metal). In a world of complicated things, where the artistic object has to be as shocking and as violent as possible, I am going back to the simple, clean, and preciously weathered, trying to create an oasis of calmness and of apparent simplicity in this world.”

Ion Anghel works a lot (sometimes in spurts) and adds, disburdens, disarticulates, transforms, challenging the common locus, the routes, the connotations, the predictable collations. He enjoys the difficulty, the experiment, the mutation of objects, signs, and senses, he can think and create, with equal virtuosity, in a planar, as well as in a spatial perspective; the employed language evades aggressiveness, emphasising naturalness, fluency, and resourcefulness”. – Doina Pauleanu, PhD, critic and art historian, manager of the Constanta Museum of Art.

Senso Gallery is not at its first participation in internationally-renowned events. In 2014, it was present in the Contemporary Art Ruhr Fair (C.A.R), with the artists Anca Boeriu, Marius Burhan and Eduard Duldner, and in the 2015 edition with the graphic designer Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu).

It also participated in the 2015 edition of ArtSafari Art Fair with the artists Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu) and Corneliu Vasilescu, and in 2017, with Ana Stefania Andronic (Buzu).

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