International Exhibition of Creative Women " EUROPEAN BRIDGES. TRADITION AND CONTINUITY "reached in 2016 its 14th edition. The event held by CATENA for Art, The Association of the Creative Women in Fine Arts in Romania and the FILDAS Art Foundation was hosted by Constanta Art Museum from June 10th to 28th, 2016, offering the art loving public at the seaside the opportunity to admire the paintings and the sculpture artworks within the Creation Workshop held in Eforie Sud.

Overall there were 17 contemporary artists from Romania and abroad: Arina Ailincai - ceramics (Cluj), Maria Balea - painting (Arad), Manuela Botis - decorative art (Cluj), Delia Chausheva - painting (Sofia, Bulgaria), Rodica Xenia Constantin - painting (Bucharest), Elena Dragulelei - painting (Bucharest), Daniela Grapa - painting (Iasi), Cristina Marian - painting (Cluj), Marinela Mantescu - painting (Bucharest), Linda Saskia Menczel - sculpture (Timisoara), Miriana Savova - painting (Sofia-Bulgaria), Nada Stojici - sculpture (Timisoara), Rodica Strugaru - painting (Timisoara), Carmen Tepsan - sculpture (Bucharest), Edith Torony - painting (Timisoara), Sorina Tibakov - painting (Alba-Iulia), Ileana Stefanescu - painting (Bucharest).

"They are creative ladies who worked in an alert, inspirational and consistent manner, conquered by the area chosen, to which the grand interwar generation granted the privileged solar path of the Romanian painting, the emulation and the conviviality of living and working together.

The workshop-camp did not intend to return to atmospheric painting, restrictive topics, a mandatory props (shells, waves, storms, rocks, ships in danger, that's right less frequent during the season, time and place chosen), but it wanted and it was able to gather together - thanks to the patronage work of Ms. Anca Vlad - the creative and renowned fortress in the European fine arts with propensity to monumental and abstract; the choice of the participants, from which any random factor was excluded by choice and prognosis, occasioned meetings between generations and personalities, between artists in the stage of training and confirmation, managing with each camp and exhibition manifestation, to determine an atmosphere of intercultural communication, of otherness, concentration and creativity" Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and manager of Constanta Art Museum.

The EUROPEAN BRIDGES Project, designed to establish, through female input, new bridges between countries and cultures that want and can communicate, was born in 2004 at the initiative of artist Rodica Xenia Constantin, the president of the Association of Creative Women in Fine Arts in Romania. Its prestige has increased year after year, artists from Romania have been repeatedly invited to exhibit in European galleries, while extensive exhibitions were organised nation-wide on an annual basis, in Bucharest, Sibiu and Constanta, with artworks by the artists participating in the Creation Camp, in the country and abroad.

Association of Creative Women in Fine Arts in Romania has been and is supported by Fildas Art Foundation and Catena Pharmacies, sponsors of all events within Catena for Art program.

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