The opening of the "Immaculate Form" ceramic exhibition

The opening of the "Immaculate Form" ceramic exhibition

In a world of complicated things in which the artistic object must be as shocking and violent as possible, artist Nicolae Moldovan has opened his way to an oasis of calmness through his exhibition of sculptural shapes made using the old technique of Neolithic ceramics.

Entitled the "Immaculate Form", the exhibition took place from May 12th to June 10th, 2016, at Senso Gallery, enjoying a real success among contemporary art lovers.

"What Nicolae Moldovan proposed us for the Senso Gallery exhibition reveals his relationship with the world: synthetic, sculptural, efficient. The artist's perception of the forms in the immediate surrounding, generates lines, edges, volumes in his art. Its sophisticated metal-like hinges are net insertions in clearly defined volumes. The cut mesh-sizes are as many single-light windows as the columns and folds follow in steady rhythms. Any increase has its downward trend, aggrieved, or, as the case may be, suspended forms find a mysterious reflex in contorted embraces. The spectacular ball making  Machine cancels out its uselessness. In his supple volumes, we hardly guess the model, step by step, in sandstone or clay. The technique that crosses time, ever since the Neolithic period, is hidden by the artist, because each artefact is polished with care and generosity before it is flooded with translucent glazes. The immaculate form, the long and long-sought concept is multiplied into small series of two or three works, without its basic form or idea being quenched." - Madalina Mirea PhD, art critic, president of Radu Bogdan Foundation.           

Member of the Romanian Fine Artists' Union, with numerous personal and group exhibitions in the country and abroad, Nicolae Moldovan graduated in 1998 "Nicolae Grigorescu" Institute of Fine Arts, class of Professors Alexe Lazar Florian and Doru Marian.

This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.

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