"European Bridges" Exhibition, 10th Edition

"European Bridges" Exhibition, 10th Edition

Senso Gallery reopened on April 7th, 2014, after extensive modernisation and extension works, with the "European Bridges" Exhibition which brought together works of painting, graphics and sculpture created by important national and foreign artists within the last two editions of the European Bridges International Workshop of Contemporary Feminine Creation from Eforie Sud. The European Bridges project was born in 2004, in a time when the enthusiasm of the European road that Romania had taken included the area of the fine arts.

The opening was attended by important culture people, actors, writers, journalists, television and radio people, art critics, and we mention only a few names: Irina Margareta Nistor, Alexandru Arsinel, Octavian Ursulescu, Emanuel Isopescu, Ion Marin, Oana Georgescu, Marilena Stoian, Radu Moraru, Petru Lucaci - President of UAP, Viorel and Alexandru Marginean, Corneliu Vasilescu, Alma Redlinger, Paula Vladescu, Sorina Tibacov, Dalia Bialcovski, Elena Dumitrescu, Luminita Gliga, Pavel Bucur, Nicolae Iorga, Marius Burhan, Geta Caragiu, Adrian Guta.

Art lovers, present in a very large number, could admire works of contemporary art signed by Alma Redlinger, Adriana Badescu, Angela Tomaselli, Bogdana Contras, Carmen Poenaru, Carmen Tepsan, Cristina Ciobanu, Dalia Bialcovski, Dany Madlen Zarnescu, Delia Brandusescu, Dora Dumitrescu, Elena Dumitrescu, Gabriela Drinceanu, Geta Caragiu, Daniela Grapa, Manuela Botis, Marinela Mantescu, Paula Vladescu, Sorina Tibacov, Rodica Xenia Constantin, Viorica Iacob, Miriana Savova, Zoya Lekova, Karin Bohrmann Roth, Karin Welke, Erika Sellman Busching, Christin Renate, Renate Gerhcke, Rosemarie Vollmer, Maler, Ellen Geerts, Karla Kassenaar, Marina Jozina, Marielle van den Bergh, Leposova Milosevic Sibionovic, Gonul Demirhan, Berika Ipekbayrak Kyram.


"The workshop-camp did not intend to return to atmospheric painting, restrictive topics, a mandatory props (shells, waves, storms, rocks, ships in danger, that's right less frequent during the season, time and place chosen), but it wanted and it was able to gather together the creative and renowned fortress in the European fine arts with propensity to monumental and abstract; the choice of the participants, from which any random factor was excluded by choice and prognosis, occasioned meetings between generations and personalities, between artists in the stage of training and confirmation, managing with each camp and exhibition manifestation, to determine an atmosphere of intercultural communication, of otherness, concentration and creativity"  - Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and manager of Constanta Art Museum. 


This event was conducted with the support of Catena Group, through Catena for Art Program, and the Fildas Art Foundation.

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