Augustin Razvan Radu

Critical References

Augustin Răzvan Radu is a graduate of UNArte București, with a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in painting. He has exhibited at the International Art Biennale in Chisinau, at the Accademia Albertina in Turin, the Astra Museum in Sibiu, the Constanța Art Museum, as well as in numerous local and international galleries. In his artistic practice he approaches, in a figurative manner, various themes that take place in large series, the most prominent representing buildings and architectural details in Bucharest, which still bears traces of bullets from the December 1989 revolution.

Two such paintings signed by Augustin Răzvan Radu, exhibited in "The imminence of life in the sensitive shell", depict the very moment of the Revolution when bullets fragment and expand matter on impact with the exterior walls of a building in Bucharest. The titles of the works also contain important details: CS 1.9.89 1, CS 1.9.89 2, CS 1.9.89 3, etc., referring to the Counter-Strike (CS) video game series, in which teams of terrorists and counter-terrorists are engaged in combat. In fact, in Augustin Răzvan Radu's painting, details play a very important role, whether it is architectural images, a life jacket or a political portrait. The moment chosen for such an exhibition is not accidental either: this year marks 30 years since the Revolution and 20 years since the launch of CS on the market. » (Ana Sultana Cipariu, Agenția de cArte – Art Agency, 2019)


Augustin Răzvan RADU (born in 1974 in Bucharest, Romania)

2014/2016 - Creative strategies in painting - FAP / UNARTE (master)
2011/2014 - Graduate of the Painting section - FAP / UNARTE (BA)

2021    MIRRORS Senso Gallery, Bucharest
2019    The imminence of life in the sensitive shell ArtHalle Gallery, Bucharest
2019    LSD GMP Solutions, Bucharest
2018    SOS 1001arte, Bucharest
2018    PAN-PAN Teodor Costescu Palace of Culture, Drobeta T-S
2015    CS 1.9.89 Jecza Gallery, Timișoara

2022    Why a Story Rather than the Field of It Senso Gallery, Bucharest
2022    Tris de pictura Senso Gallery, Bucharest
2020    WAS JeTzT? What’s next? National Library, Bucharest
2019    The portrait of the illegal agent at the age of 30  1001arte Gallery, Bucharest
2019    Group 55 Căminul Artei, Bucharest
2018    JEG, Gallery LaBorna, Bucharest
2018    Extension + UNA Gallery, Bucharest
2018    Metropolis Sancta 1001arte Gallery, Bucharest
2017    Astra Salons Astra Museum, Sibiu
2017    National Painting Salon Căminul Artei, Bucharest
2016    3rd International Oil Painting Camp Zhangjiajie, China
2016    Studio 35 Europe Gallery, Brașov
2016    Diploma 2016 Știrbey Palace, Bucharest
2016    The nature of the artists Five Plus Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2016    Painting Atelier 34 Căminul Artei Gallery, Bucharest
2015    Selections Chisinau International Biennial Palace of Parliament, Bucharest
2015    International Art Biennial Moldova Art Museum, Chisinău
2015    Interwar Dobrogea from Sulina to Balchik Constanța Art Museum
2015    The (Irreversible) Passage of Time Annart Gallery, Bucharest
2015    Sweet concrete Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest
2015    The sense of the body Academia Albertina, Turin, Italia
2015    International Art Biennial Muzeul de Artă al Moldovei, Chisinău
2014    Does power seduce the soul? City Business Centre, Timișoara
2014    Diploma Știrbey Palace, Bucharest
2014    UNARTE 150 Dalles Hall, Bucharest
2014    Nine Interferences Studio Cinema, Bucharest
2014    Christianity in Dobrogea Constanța Art Museum
2014    Contempora 7 Bucharest
2014    (IN)FINITY WE TRUST  UNA Gallery, Bucharest
2013    "EXTENSION" Romalo Castle, Bucharest

2016 - Diploma Scholarship for UNARTE graduates, awarded by Unicredit Bank Romania and The Institute
2014  - First Prize at the JUVENTUS national painting competition organized by the INTERART TRIADE Foundation Timisoara, Romania
2011 - 2016 Merit scholarship - National University of Arts Bucharest

2018      Internship, PLAN-B Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2015      Painting camp, Constanța
2014      Painting camp, Constanța
2013      Painting camp, Cisnădie
2013      Painting camp, Constanța