Aniela Ovadiuc

Heart  pendant II-jewelry-aniela-ovadiuc

Critical References

Aniela Ovadiuc is fond of porcelain, sandstone, oxides and enamels (and the list could go on, but we shall confine ourselves to the materials used for the pieces on display at the Senso Gallery), she labours with glaring joy, sensing the way to sway the matter, adapting its techniques. Her monologue, so as to use the title of one of the two works on display, is not soliloquy, even if the artist appears alone, yet in various poses; her self-portraits reveal an unstrained young woman, screening without prejudice, thinking without writhing, planning ahead without gloom, and when she only focuses on certain parts of the visage – the eyes, the mouth, she does so in order to generate an infusion of expressiveness rather than to omit or conceal something. - Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic, director of the Constanta Art Museum.


Born on March 12, 1980 in Constanta, Romania

Graduated from the Bucharest National University of Arts, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design – Ceramics – Glass - Metal section, Ceramics specialization, class of 2003

Graduated the Master of Arts studies – visual arts, Bucharest National University of Arts, class of 2005

Member of the Romanian Union of Fine Artists (UAP) since 2004

Member of the Board of Directors of the Decorative Arts Branch within the Romanian UAP during the 2011-2015 period.

Personal Exhibition: September 2012 – Book - Journal, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

Group Exhibitions:

October 2015 - Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery, Contemporary Art Ruhr, The Innovative Art Fair, Essen, Germany

February 2015 – Faces of Hyper-Connectivity, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

2014 Galateea Contemporary Art Gallery and Resonant Fantasies/ The Sound of Ceramics, Contemporary Art Ruhr, The Innovative Art Fair, Essen, Germany

2014 Art Safari – International Pavilion of Arts, Bucharest

May 2014 - Ceramic Rendez vous, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

October 2013 – Romanian Ceramists, Casa Matei Gallery, Cluj

2013 - Galateea Today, Palatele Brancovenesti Cultural Centre, Mogosoaia

2013 - Temporal Perceptions, Curtea Veche Museum, Bucharest, Romania

September 2012 - The Art Deco Decorative Arts Biennial, Parliament Palace, “Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Hall, Bucharest

August 2012 – Book – Object International Exhibition, Luciano Morandini. Il filo della poesia, Comune di san Giorgio di Nogaro, Italy

August 2012 - Human Evolution / Involution, within the Inner Mutations project, Mamaia Exhibition Pavilion, Constanta

August 2012 - WEST MEETS EAST, A Cultural Book Exchange, Constanta Art Museum

May 2012 - Human Evolution / Involution, Curtea Veche Museum, Bucharest

April 2012 - Ceramics Now, international exhibition, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

March 2012 - Mica_Cera_Mica at the Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

February 2012 - Letter at the Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

December 2011 – January 2012– Ceramic Rendez vous, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

November 2011- February 2012 – Decorative Arts Hall, Cotroceni, Bucharest

September 2011 – Dubrujan Interferences, Parliament Palace, “Constantin Brancusi” Exhibition Hall, Bucharest

September 2010 – Romanian Contemporary Ceramics, ICR (Romanian Cultural Institute), Paris, France

November 2009 – January 2010 – Romanian Ceramics Today, Mogosoaia Palace, Bucharest

May 2009 – charitable exhibition, Rotari Club, Constanta Art Museum

January 2007 – Ceramic Art, Sofia, Bulgaria

January 2007 – Crossing by Crossing, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest;

May 2006 – 4 ART, Art Gallery, Alba Iulia

July 2005 – Shape as a Symbol – Unagaleria Gallery, Bucharest

2004 - Young artists, Assamblage Gallery, Bucharest

October 2001 – Re-enaction of the Women of Cucuteni, in front of the Bucharest National Theatre


July 2010 – International Ceramics Symposium in Vinica, Macedonia, Ceramic Art Colony

June 2010 – RAKU Ceramics Camp, in Zeicani, Hunedoara

June 2007 – Ceramics Camp at the Singeorz – Bai Compared Art Museum

September 2006 - International Ceramics Symposium in Troyan, Bulgaria, The Symposium ART CERAMICA 

May 2005 – Ceramics Show, organized by the “Mircea Dinescu” Foundation for Poetry.

Publications: Romanian Contemporary Ceramics, Aniela Ovadiuc, Ceramics Now Magazine, issue two, 2012