Lisandru Neamţu

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Lisandru Neamţu



 2016  "N. Tonitza" Medal - the Homonym Biennial,  Bârlad Art Museum

 2015 The Excellence Award at the Aegyssus Biennial Tulcea

 2014 SMB Prize (Small Salon Bucharest) of the Painting Branch, Bucharest

 2014 Anniversary Diploma of UNArte Bucharest

 2005 The Grand Prize of the International Biennial of Experimental Engraving in Timişoara

 2004 Youth Award of the of the Romanian Fine Artists' Union

 1999 The Award for Arcadia - "Nicolae Tonitza" Bârlad

 1996 Award at the "Gheorghe Petrascu" Youth Biennial Târgovişte

 1995 The Grand Prize of the Ministry of Culture at the "Moldovans Salon" - Bucharest-Bacău-Chişinău

 2016 LVX TEMPORIS Personal Exhibition, Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, 2016 "Balkan Breeze" International Exhibition - Istanbul; 2016, 6 out of 6, Group Exhibition at CAV Bucharest, 2016, "Temeiuri" Group Exhibition, Palace of the Parliament, 2016 "N. Tonitza" Art Biennial, Bârlad, participates in the Group Exhibition of 100 Artists per l'expo  at Palazzo Citadini Stampa-Abiategrasso, Italy, Aegyssus National Art Biennial -Tulcea,  Second Edition, Art Safari, 2015 2015 Spring Exhibition,  Romanian Peasant Museum - Bucharest, National Art Salon,  Autumn Edition - Brâncuşi  Hall of the Palace of the Parliament, 7th Edition , participates in the 25th edition of the -Moldova Salons Exhibition, Chişinău, the National Art Salon,  the Autumn Edition - Brâncuşi Hall of the Palace of the Parliament, participates in the Group Exhibition of artists  Soleil de L’est at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest,  Personal Exhibition at the Visual Art Museum Galaţi 2015, Brera Academy, Milan and  Maimeri Foundation in Milan , coordinator of UNArte Group Exhibitions in  Bucharest