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Dalia Bialcovski
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Since I knew part of the work that she has done earlier, I would not have imagined that a personal exhibition of the creator who bears the name of a flower can look any other way than this one that we see before us, open at the  Senso Gallery; on this long awaited occasion (the artist has been the beneficiary of the sponsorship of the Fildas Art foundation), her painting is not only austere, but also pensive (Introspection), figurative, although always beguiled by abstraction (Passage between worlds), with a choice of colours that is devoid of major contrasts, although their distant and seemingly padded echoes are not absent (The future fruit), the dynamics, although the artist would sometimes want to tell the moment – stop! (Mirage).

Born in 1963, in Bucharest.

Graduated, in 1986, from the “Nicolae Grigorescu” Art Academy in Bucharest,


Department-painting, Class of Prof. Vasile Blendea and Florin Mitroi.


Full-fledged member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania, of the “Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques”- UNESCO, Paris and of AFCAPR.


Since 1986, she has organized 18 personal exhibitions and has participated in over 90 group, national, municipal and international exhibitions in her country and abroad under the auspices of UAP, ICR, Fildas ART, Soleil de l’Est, FICF, MAE, etc. Her works are in museums and private or state collections in Romania, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Algeria, Brazil, Great Britain, Israel, Germany, Russia, and the U.S.A.


She has collaborated in the making of book graphics (Bratislava) and art direction (Rome).

She has been awarded:


1999 – Grand Prize for Painting –International Exhibition of Cangas, Spain

1988 – 1991, “Theodor Aman” scholarship, granted by the Bucharest Municipality and the Visual Artists Union of Romania

1987 – 1st Prize – for Painting at the National Competition of Professional Visual Artists of Romania.



2016 – “Senso” Gallery Bucharest, Romania


2010 – “Nicolae Iorga” Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanist Research, Venice, Italy


2004 – “Nicolae Iorga” Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanist Research, Venice, Italy


2003 – Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris, France


2002 – “U” Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

1999 – Romanian Cultural Institute, Madrid, Spain

1998 – PNUD-UNESCO Centre, Bucharest, Romania


1998 – “Jacomart” Gallery, Madrid, Spain

1997 – National Art Museum, Algiers, Algeria

1997 – Romanian Cultural Institute, Madrid, Spain

1996 –Slovak Institute, Bucharest, Romania

1996 – European Centre of Culture, Sinaia, Romania

1994 – “Angel Botello”Municipal Gallery, Cangas, Spain

1992 – Bucharest Municipality Gallery, Romania

1990 – “ANFA” Cultural Complex, Casablanca, Morocco

1990 – “Bab-El Kebir-Oudaia” Gallery, Rabat, Morocco

1989 – “Arta” Gallery, Craiova, Romania



2013 – “Salon de peinture – Roumanie contemporaine’, “Cité Internationale des Arts”, Paris, France


2011 – “Thuillier” Gallery, Paris, France

2011 – “Artistes contemporains roumains”, “Foyer” Gallery, the Hague, the Netherlands

2009 – “Chateau de Trousse-Barrière”, Briare, France


2009 – “La Passerelle” Gallery, Tour, France

2008 – “Kulturzentrum Forsthaus’, Treuchtlingen, Germany

2008 – “Kulturspeicher”, Ibbenbüren, Germany


2008 – “Arheoclub”, Bari, Italy


2006 – “Galerie Projektraum”, Berlin, Germany


2006 – “Schloβ Bathyàny” Gallery, Körmend , Hungary

2006 – “Lendava-Gallery”, Slovenia


2005 – “Lerchhaus”, Eibiswald, Austria

2005 – “Halle au Beurre”, Aumale, France


2005 – “Künstlerhaus”, Graz, Austria

2005 – ARTECOM, Rome, Italy

2003 – “I Capocroce” Studio, Montecelio, Italy

2001 – Gallery Municipala, Cangas, Spania

2000 – Studioul “I Capocroce”, Montecelio, Italy

2000 – “Banca Popolare di Milano”, Rome, Italy

1999 – “Accademia di Romania”, Rome, Italy

1999 – “Angel Botello”Municipal Gallery, Cangas, Spain

1996 – “Carpegna” Palace, Rome, Italy

1994 – “Accademia di Romania”, Rome, Italy

1994 – “S. Agostino”Cultural Centre, Rome, Italy

1993 – Palatul “San Michele”, Rome, Italy


1991 – Municipal Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

1990 – “Del Bello” Gallery, Toronto, Canada



2015-2009– National Art Museum, Constanta, “International Exhibition of Contemporary Feminine Art”


2015-2014– “Senso” Gallery, Bucharest, “International Exhibition of Contemporary Feminine Art”


2013 –Visual Arts Centre (“Caminul Artei” Gallery), Bucharest


2010 – Gallery “Apollo”, Bucharest

2009 – The Palace of the Parliament, “Constantin Brancusi” Hall, Bucharest

2007 – Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu

2007 – “Fildas-Gallery”, “European Bridges”, Constanta

2006 – “Senso” Gallery, “Sacred Art Salon”, Bucharest

2006, 2005 – “Senso” Gallery, “Dialogues”, Bucharest


2004 – “Caminul Artei” Gallery, “European Bridges”, Bucharest

2004 – “Palatul Mogosoaia” Cultural Centre

2004 – “Crowne Plaza”, Bucharest

2003 – World Trade Center, “Contemporary Women Art”, Bucharest

2002 – National Museum of Contemporary Art”, “Remember-Woman Creators by Mediterranean and Bleak See” , Bucharest


2001 – “ASIROM” Gallery “Remember-Women Creators by Mediterranean and Bleak See”, Bucharest

1995 – “ARTEXPO”National Office, “Young Artists for European Art”, Bucharest

She has participated as a guest in numerous national and international creation and documentary camps (England, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)


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