Cristina Bolborea

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Cristina Bolborea

„Cristina Bolborea’s admiration towards artists such as Van Eyck or Rubens finds its primordial form in the fabric and motifs of carpets displayed in trompe l’oeil on various supports; three dimensional, distinct renditions, these spatial objects created from engobed sandstone exhibit a visual poignancy that lingers on the awestruck, vivid and charmed retina; carpets stemming from the East return to her gat after hovering about the imagination or work of these painters with such intensity, that the indebted posterity even gave them their names. In a different morphological registry, the artist ensures us that History is written, [and]the colors carry it forth, and it reaches far and wide, after passing the Eye of the Storm in order to find its recipient, without detours or embarkment”. - Doina Pauleanu PhD, art critic and director of the Constanta Art Museum.

Born: May 11, 1956, Bucharest, Romania


2009   Doctorate in fine and decorative arts - National University of Arts – Bucharest, Romania

1981   The “N. Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts - Bucharest, ceramics section

            1975   “N.Tonitza” Fine Arts High School- Bucharest                            

Affiliations:  member of the Romanian Union of Fine Artists since 1990


               since 2000, university professor at the National University of Arts - Bucharest

               since 2012, curator activities for contemporary decorative art exhibitions with the  “Orizont”, “Galateea” (Bucharest) Galleries and the “Palatele Brancovenesti Cultural Centre” (Mogosoaia)

               since 2009, research activities and taking part in communication sessions organized by the National University of Arts – Bucharest: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2012

               2012 coordinator of the Tradition and Innovation in Decorative Arts communication session (organised by the National University of Arts – Bucharest), ISBN 978-606-8296-80-7

Personal Exhibitions


1995, 2009 (drawing-painting), 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014, 2015 (ceramics)  


2015 Places to be there, artist invited at the International Biennial of Ceramics, Aveiro, Portugal

2015 Places to be there, Museu Nacional Grao Vasco si Quinta da Cruz, Viseu, Portugal

2015 Places to be there, Museu Nacional Machado de Castro, Coimbra, Portugal

2014 Places to be there, Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisabona, Portugal

2014 Jewels from the Black Box, Palatele Brancovenesti Cultural Centre, Bucharest

2012 Effigies, Simeza, Bucharest

2009 Time, Act Theatre, Bucharest

2009 The Carpet, UNAgaleria, Bucharest

2008 Static Natures, Act Theatre, Bucharest

2007 Genuine Brilliance, Galateea, Bucharest

2006 The Architect’s Technique, Galateea, Bucharest

1995 My Maps, Caminul Artei, Bucharest



               2013 Honourable Mention at the Cluj International Ceramics Biennale

               2012 The Best ObjectReappear by Design Prize – Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest

               2011 Hall Prize at the “Costel Badea” National Ceramics Hall, Constanta


              2014 Cristina Bolborea Places to be there – Lugares onde estarei, UNArte Publishing House, ISBN 9786067200126

              2012 Cristina Bolborea – coordinator of the Tradition and Innovation in Decorative Arts Project, UNArte Publishing House, ISBN 978-606-8296-80-7

                          2009 Cristina Bolborea Ceramic Carpet in Persian Tradition, UNArte Publishing House, ISBN 978-973-1922-78-2    


Participation in Group Exhibitions (selection):

2015    Blouse Roumaine, Femme roumaine – Lisbon, Portugal; 

Arts in Bucharest – Orizont, Bucharest; Romanian Artists – International Biennial of Ceramics, Cluj

2014    Drawing Pessoa. The Poet’s Masks - Fernando Pessoa memorial house, Lisbon;    

Femart-Nihil sine UNA dea – Visual Arts Centre;

Ceramic rendez-vous II, Galateea, Bucharest;

Art Safari Bucharest; Decorative ArtParliament Palace – Bucharest;

Continuity in Fire Arts - ArtYourself Bucharest;

FADD Professors – Visual Arts Centre Bucharest;

CAR Preamble – Galateea Bucharest;

CAR(Contemporary Art Ruhr) Fair of Contemporary Art – Germany;

Romanian Graphics - Visual Arts Centre Bucharest

2013    International Ceramics Biennale,Edition I – Cluj;

Galateea Today - Palatele Brancovenesti Cultural Centre;

Ceramics – international exhibition, Shades of White, (In)Formal Identities, The Person and Drawing, an opinion, a bird – Galateea - Bucharest;

 “Reasons” Art Hall – Edition four - Parliament Palace – Bucharest; Glass Hall – Order of Romanian Architects - Bucharest

2012    Decorative Arts Biennial - Parliament Palace;

Arts in Bucharest, Edition 3 and Femart - Visual Arts Centre;

National Hall of Decorative Arts – Edition 12, Cotroceni National Museum;

Reappear by Design – The Romanian Peasant Museum; TheLittleBig, Workshop Invitees and Letter – Galateea;

National Hall of Textile Miniature, Winter Hall – Orizont;

Rewritten Histories – Romanian National Museum of History - Bucharest;

“Costel BadeaNational Hall of Ceramics- Edition 2, West Meets East – Books for the Mind and Soul – Constanta;

West Meets East – A Cultural Book Exchange - Focsani

2011    Masters of Decorative Arts – Privacy and Mystery – Palatele Brancovenesti Cultural Centre;

Ceramic Rendez-vous Galateea –Glass Hall, Arts in Bucharest – Edition 2, Winter Hall – Orizont, West Meets East – A Cultural Book Exchange – UNAgaleria, Small Hall – Caminul Artei – Bucharest;

Costel BadeaNational Hall of Ceramics – edition 1, Constanta; West Meets East – A Cultural Book Exchange, Iasi

2010    National Hall of Decorative Arts – Edition 11, Cotroceni National Museum, West Meets East – A Cultural Book Exchange – UNAgaleria – Bucharest

2009    Romanian Ceramics Today - Palatele Brancovenesti Cultural Centre

Works in:

Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisbon, Portugal;Fernando Pessoa Memorial House, Lisbon, Portugal;Museu Nacional Machado de Castro, Coimbra, Portugal; Museu Nacional Grao Vasco and Quinta da Cruz, Viseu, Portugal