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Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu

When you step into the universe of Ana Ruxandra Ilfoveanu – and it is recommended to make this decision spontaneously, in order to converse, levitating, with the City’s watchman, so as to understand, through the enhancement of the new technological knowledge, the fascinating and utopian devices of time, in order to discern the true identity of the Saleswoman of illusions, so as to be able to participate out of conviction and usefully, in the Celebration of the Ceres Maiden, in order to not be left outside her landscapes that approach the observer and urge him to go across them – you have once again the certainty that “all the world’s a stage [and] all the men and women merely players” from within or without the stage, more or less gifted.

She was born on 5 December 1947, in the town of Ploiesti. A graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Pedagogical Institute of the University of Bucharest, in 1968, specialising in drawing-painting.

Bachelor’s degree in fine arts and decorative arts, specialising in painting, in 1999, at the Arts University of Bucharest.

Since 1977, member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania.

Until 1995, with interruptions, she has taught drawing in several schools in Pitesti and the surrounding area, then in Bucharest. In the following years (until 2011), her painting workshop was open for the creation of a small group of young talented artists.


2015      “Another way to look at the world II”, Senso Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2015       Romanian-American University, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2015      “Another way to look at the world I”, Artis Gallery, Ramnicu Valcea (drawing and painting);

2014     “Merchants of yore”, Nicolae Grigorescu Art Museum, Campina (drawing and painting);

2013     “Saleswoman of illusions”, Scit Art Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2012     “Paradise”, Calp Gallery, Timisoara (drawing and painting);

2012     “Another kind of portrait II”, Dialog Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2011     “Atypical paradise”, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2009     “The Ilfoveanu Saga”, Artmark Art Galleries, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2008     Ana Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2007     “Another kind of portrait I”, Art Museum of Constanta(drawing and painting);

2006     Art Museum, Ramnicu Valcea (drawing and painting);

2006     “199(5) – 200(5) − Why?”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2004     Exhibition with works of painting and drawing from the Series “Why is the child boiling in the polenta?”, with drawings done on paper and canvas based on the homonymous book written by Aglaja Veteranyi, “Family diary” with drawings and photographs and “The roads”(painting), Apollo Gallery, Bucharest;

2002 – 2003, 2004 – 2006. The exhibitions from these years have permanently outlined the eight series that she has painted and drawn and which will be continued in the following years.

2004     “Velvet Tache”, an exhibition together with the reprinting and launch of the homonymous book written by Stefan Agopian, Libraria Carturesti, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2004      Sabina & Jean Negulescu Gallery, Bucharest (in that moment, the series “The Roads” and the drawing from “Celebration of the Ceres Maiden” were outlined) (drawing and painting);

2002      Frezia Gallery, Dej (drawing and painting);

2002     Art Museum, Ploiesti (drawing and painting);

2001      Uzin Bank Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

2000      Artexpo Gallery − Sala Ronda, Bucuresti; contains works of painting (portraits with a table, the first “Roads”), pencil drawings;

1998      Agora Gallery, Resita (drawing and painting);

1997      First Gallery, Timisoara (drawing and painting);

1996      Apollo Gallery, Bucharest; contains works of painting and drawing (first time exhibition of “The masks”, drawing at “Prolegomena” by Mircea Eliade, animal drawings done with a brush on manual paper;

1993     “Queen of Sheba”,  Orizont Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

1989      Simeza Gallery, Bucuresti; contains works of painting and drawing in the wash drawing method; exhibition of works from the series “Still life with curtain”, as well as the first self-portrait from the later series;

1987      Orizont Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

1982      Galateea Gallery, Bucharest (drawing and painting);

1976      Metopa Gallery, Pitesti (drawing and painting).


In her country:

2015    “European bridges”, Art Museum, Constanta/Romania

2014    “European bridges”, Art Museum, Constanta/Romania

2006     “Balchik”,  Cercul Militar Gallery, Bucuresti

During the period 1975 – 2014, she participates in the majority of biennales and municipal exhibitions in Bucharest.


2012    Salon de peinture “Roumanie contemporaine”, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris/France;

2008 “Retrospective de peinture roumaine”, Fondation Taylor, Paris/France, within the framework of the Soleil de l’Est Association;

2008     “Salon de l’automne”, Grand Palais, Paris/Franta;

2008     “Sarria Festival”, Sarria/Spain;

2007     “Romanian Artists in Maastricht”, European Conference Centre, Maastricht/the Netherlands;

2004     “Expo Romania – An arch on the European sky”, European Parliament, Brussels / Belgium

2003     “Artistes roumains en residence”, La Passerelle Gallery, Tours/ France;

2002     “Residence d’artistes”, Chateau Royal de Collioure/France and Barcelona/Spain

1998     “Biennale de Baugé” (le 21-ème salon)/France;

1998     “Espace Atrium”, Saint Avertin, Indre et Loire, Chateau de la Bourdaisière, Montlouis, France – within the framework of the Soleil de l’Est Association

1998     “Exposition Amitié Roumanie”, Fussy, Cher, France – within the framework of the Soleil de l’Est Association

1997     “International symposium”, Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi/United Arab Emirates;

1995     Marie d’Argentaine Gallery/France;

1991     Volda Gallery/Norway;

1986     Arnhem/the Netherlands;


2006     Balchik / Bulgaria

2005     Dealul Malului / Ramnicu Valcea

2004     Dealul Malului / Ramnicu Valcea

2002     Collioure/France, Catalonia/Spain

1981     Russia

1980     the Czech Republic


2005     Awarded a prize for the painting “Nicolae Tonitza”, at the International symposium in Barlad;

2004     Decorated with the “Cultural order”, with the rank of officer, category C.

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