Aurel Patrascu

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Aurel Patrascu

In graphics or painting, the Chimeras or the related Cimpans - a term created by the artist for the graphic images reminiscent of refined transfers of some essential motifs from the stylizations of Romanian folklore - gladden the eye and provoke imagination. A fine network of coloured lines vibrates the white surface of the paper in graphic works, the brilliance of the blues, and the reds is boosted by the white of the fund, which Aurel Patrascu knows how to use it judiciously. With the second series, the Gates, a new dimension enters into the artist's work: the sacred. His gates become signs of the passage between two worlds.

Born in Bucharest, 9 June 1958

Studies: Art Academy (graduated in 1992 )

Artistic activity:

1978 the Republican Salon at the Collections Museum

1980 Personal Exhibition (the Romanian Opera of Bucharest)

         Group Exhibition („Ion Mincu” Architecture Institute)

1981 Group Exhibition (Architecture Institute )

1980-1985 Saloanele Municipale de la Sala Dalles MNAR

1988 Salonul Municipal Sala Dalles

1990 Art Academy Exhibition (Architecture Institute)

1992 Group Exhibition (Galateea Gallery)

1994 Group Exhibition „Landscape” (Bucharest Municipality Galleries)

1996 Group Exhibition (Marielle Galleries - Liege, Belgium)

        Personal Exhibition Vasto (Italy) Pianeta Gallery  

        Group Exhibition - Gill, Belgium

         Group Exhibition - Galla Gallery, Bucharest

         Group Exhibition - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

1997 Group Exhibition - Renteria, Spain

         the National Drawing Salon in Arad

1998-2002 Artistic Director of the International Visual Arts Fair, successively organized at the National Art Museum of Bucharest, Cotroceni Palace, State Circus, National Theatre of Bucharest

2000 Personal Exhibition at the ARA Congress, Liege, Belgium

2003 Contemporary Art Spring Fair

         AAF-London represented by „Cora” Gallery of Montreal 2

2007 Artistic Director of the 5th edition of the International Visual Arts Fairin ROMEXPO

2010 Winter salon, Sutu Museum, Bucharest

2011 Winter salon, Sutu Museum, Bucharest

         Art from Romania, Chicago USA, Jannifer Norback Fine Art Gallery

         Personal Exhibition, Luxembourg

         Group Exhibition, Luxembourg, MVK Fine Art

         Goerz Gallery of Fine Art Salon „Grafica 2011”, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

        „Grafica 2011” Exhibition in Iasi

2012 „Carpatica” Salon in Cluj

1st Prize the International Painting Salon of UNESCO Clubs, Piraeus, Greece, 2002