Eduard Duldner

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Eduard Duldner

Unsettled and unsettling, Eduard Duldner does not wish to appear any other way than how he truly is. He is interested in and is unconditionally attracted by fractional  dimensions and emerging forms, to use two of his titles, but also by chaos theory (or the science of complexity), which is based on (and we quote him) “the study of the simple iterative formulas, which produce complex, unpredictable results. In common parlance, the word chaos implies disorder or randomness, but in this sense, it signifies an underlying, unpredictable order, from which models appear in time. These fractal models have a series of special attributes, which make them different from Euclidian geometric shapes. A unique aspect is the fact that their boundaries are infinitely complicated and sinuous, so that it is impossible to predict if dots from their vicinity are inside or outside the shape.

Born on 4 November 1960 in Bucharest.



Degree in fine and decorative arts from the Bucharest Art University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Class professor Marin Gherasim.

Member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania, Department of Painting


“Nicolae Tonitza” Art high school of Bucharest

“Goethe” German College of Bucharest


After 1997, freelancer, collaborations with the Romanian opera house - Bucharest, Lutheran Church– Bucharest, 2007-2009 professor Visual arts education teacher at the Goethe German College - Bucharest

Works: painting, graphics, religious art (icons painted on glass, on wood, fresco), restoration


Educational and documentary trips: Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Greece

Member of the Visual Artists Union of Romania

Personal exhibitions:

2007 Romania, Bucharest - Senso Gallery;


2005 Romania, Bucharest – Art House Gallery;

1996 Belgium, Diest – Lackenhal;

1996 Belgium, Lummen – Onze-Lieve-Vrouwkerk

1995 Belgium, Diest- Begijnhof;

1995 Belgium, Tessenderloo - Cultureel Centrum;

1995 Belgium, Lint - De Witte Merel Centrum.

1993 Romania, Bucharest – Dragan European Foundation

Group exhibitions:


2014 Romania, Bucharest – Senso Gallery;

2000 Italy, Venice - Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanist Research;

1998 Romania, Bucharest - Latin America House;

1997 Romania, Bucharest - Apollo Gallery;

1996 Italy, Venice - Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanist Research;

1995 Romania, Bucharest, Municipal Exhibition - National Theatre Gallery 3 /4 floor;

1994 Germany, Passau – “Bildergalerie auf der Brücke”;

1993 Romania, Bucharest, Dalles Hall.

Works in public and private collections in: Romania, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Serbia, Hungary, Italy, the USA.