Cristian Ditoiu

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Cristian Ditoiu

The works presented by Cristian Ditoiu in this exhibition are serene and harmonious, unencumbered by extras and plots, shielded from emphatic gestures, from the din, deconstructions or dissonances that often find a place to manifest in postmodern parlance. Simple geometric figures – the square, the rectangle with the golden section and their derivatives, centred, displaced towards the heights, segmented, superimposed and combined – are painted in the pure tones of primary colours and in their complementary colours (although the artist does not limit himself only to these), without modulations, in an equal, intense, transcendent light.

Date of birth: 6 August 1967

Education: 1990/1996 - Bucharest Art Academy, with a degree in fine arts, specializing in painting, class of professor Horea Pastina, assistant Mihai Sarbulescu, “The nameless group” – founding member, along with: Nicolae Badiu, Floarea Peia, Marian Dobre and Valeriu Paladi in 1998

Personal exhibitions:  

2014 – “Stage lighting”, Palatele Brancovenesti Mogosoaia Cultural Centre,  


2009 – “Painting”, Curtea Veche Second-Hand Bookshop Gallery, Bucharest,

2009 – “Painting”, UAP Cupola Gallery, Iasi ,


2009 – “Painting”, UAP Arta Gallery, Craiova,


2007 –GalAteCa Gallery, Central University Library Carol I, Bucharest,

2002 –Foisor Gallery, Palatele Brancovenesti Mogosoaia Cultural Centre,  


1994 – “The window”, UAP Brasov Gallery,

1993 –UAP Brasov Gallery

Biographical exhibitions: “The nameless group”,  

2011 – “Experiment: Study based on a model”, Arcade 24 Gallery, Bistrita,

2010 – “The nameless group”, Palatele Brancovenesti Mogosoaia Cultural Centre,

2010 – “The nameless group”, Arcade 24 Gallery, Bistrita,


2009 – “Interferences – The fourth story of the dot”, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest,

2008 – “Hunger for painting. House specialty: Nameless meaning, Helios Gallery, Timisoara,


2007 – “After 11 years with our teacher”, GalAteCa Gallery, Central University Library Carol I, Bucharest,


2007 – “The third story of the dot”, Caminul artei upstairs Gallery, Bucharest,

2006 – “The second story of the dot”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest,

2006 – “The first story of the dot”, Curtea Veche Second-Hand Bookshop Gallery, Bucharest,


2003 – “Never Ending Painting”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest,

2004 – “Never Ending Painting”, UAP Gallery, Brasov,

2001 – “Nameless”, UAP Orizont Gallery, Bucharest,

2001 – “One option”, Bucharest Romanian Literature Museum,

1999 – “Our daily painting - contemporary arguments on utility”, UAP Braila Gallery,


1998 – “Exhibition of painting and drawing”, Art Gallery of the Bucharest Municipality


Group exhibitions (selection);

2014 – “Beginning of a dialogue between two painters Cristian Ditoiu – Paul Gherasim” Curtea Veche Second-Hand Bookshop Gallery, Bucharest,

2013 –EliteArt Gallery, Bucharest,


2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 – “Unconventional newspaper”, GalAteCa Gallery, Carol I Central University Library, Bucharest,


2010 – “Oltenian painters of yesteryear and of our time”, Art Museum, Targu Jiu,

2008 – “Umbria: terra d’incontri. La Romania“,CERP Gallery, Perugia, Italy,  


2006 – “Sacred art, the sacred in art”, Senso Gallery, Bucharest,

2006 – “Generation 1996 – First Decade”, Palatele Brancovenesti Mogosoaia Cultural Centre,

2004 – “Europe”, Gallery of the Baku Art Gallery Foundation, Bucharest,


2001 – “Milenium municipal salon”, Dalles Gallery, Bucharest,

2001 – “National art salon”, Romexpo, Bucharest,

1999 – “Painting means continuing”, UAP Alba Iulia Gallery,


1997 – “Exhibition of painting and drawing”, Peles Museum, Sinaia,


1996 – “Study on the peratology of the Byzantine topos - form and image”, Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanist Research, Venice, Italy