Elena Dumitrescu

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Elena Dumitrescu

With so many cultural references, the formal stake of the ingenious sculptress Elena Dumitrescu can be stumped. Her exhibition, of a real optical joy, had a playful tonus, perfectly supported by the craving for modelling, for pasting-colouring and then the „baking“ of the thought. Most pieces were glazed terra-cotta. The sculptress won, in fact, a bet. The representation of the body and especially of the costume was a monopoly of the bourgeois culture. Especially in modelling, where the effect of the detail is suitable, Elena Dumitrescu tries the dis-figuration by the eloquence of the absence.

Birth place and date: Bucharest, October 10th 1971



1991-1997 National Academy of Fine Arts in Bucharest

2007– Specialization in restoration of archaeological objects and sculpture in metal, at the Institutto per l’Arte e il Restauro Palazzo Spinelli, Florence, Italy


2008 – PhD in Visual Arts


2009 – metal restorer

Professional Activity

Since 1997 she has been a tenure member of the Faculty of Fine Arts, currently she is Lecturer at the sculpture department of the Bucharest National University of Arts.

Since 1998 - member of the Romanian Union of Fine Artists – Sculpture Section

2002-2004 – member in the coordinating board of the Gallery of the National University of Arts, Bucharest


Member of the Romanian Association of Women in Art (ARFA)

Member of the “Elena Surdu Stanescu” Cultural Foundation

Member of the Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine (FICF), Paris, France.

Since 2009 she has had the status of „metal restorer”, following the passing of the courses and training internships organized by the Vocational Training Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Cults

Didactical Activity

In the period 1997- 2004 - didactical activity at the bachelor years of the Sculpture Department of the National University of Arts (UNA)

In the period 2006-2008 - didactical activity within the Master Department of the UNA.

In the university year 2007-2008, she teaches within the master Department the theoretical course „Issues of conservation and restoration of sculpture and objects in metal”

In 2008 she defends the PhD thesis with the title „Landmarks of the Monumental Sculpture in Bronze

In March 2008 she defends the colloquy on the topic „The History of Bronze Casting” at the University of Bucharest, Faculty of History

Making of two copies Brancusi’s “Ecorhe”, as didactic material for FAP (Faculty of Fine Arts)

Communication session of FAP 2009, „Study Regarding the Execution of Copies after the Work “Ecorche” by Brancusi”, UNARTE Publishing House.

2010 - Communication at the colloquy „Live archive”- the Institute of Art History, with the work “Ecorche Brancusi – Gerota, Rrecent Researches


2011 - Communication at the National Symposium „Medical Language - History and Perspectives”, Iasi, May 27th 2011


Group exhibitions


2004 –“Visiting Velasquez”, Gallery of the Bucharest National Theatre

“Spring Salon”, Cultural Centre, Palaces Brancovenesti - Mogosoaia

„ Contemporary Romanian Sculptors”, “Apollo” Gallery, Bucharest

2005 – “Spring Salon of Creative Women”, “Senso” Gallery Bucharest

Salon of the Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine (FICF), Aumale, France

„Spazi Aperti”, Accademia di Romania in Rome, Italy - curator and participant

 2006 –“Small Sculpture Salon” “Apollo” Gallery, Bucharest

National Art Salon, “Constantin Brancusi” Hall of the Romanian Parliament

“Sacred Art” “Senso” Gallery Bucharest

 2007 - Sculpture Exhibition, Gallery “Aripa” Turin, Italy

„European Bridges - Tradition and Continuity”, Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania, and „Senso” Gallery Bucharest

 2008 - Salon of the Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine, Ibbenbure, Germany.


 2009 –„Woman-states”, „Apollo” Gallery, Bucharest

Salon of the Fédération Internationale Culturelle Féminine, “Brancusi” Hall of the Romanian Parliament

“Drawings by Sculptors”- “Art House” Gallery, Bucharest

“Thoughts, Dreams, Signs”, Gallery Galateea, Bucharest

International Camp of FICF, Eforie, Romania


Participation at the „Salone dell’Arte e del Restauro”, Florence, Italy.

2010 - National Salon of Fine Art “Contemporary Attitudes” 3rd edition “Harbour Cities”

Salon of Engraving and Sculpture - Simeza Gallery


“Il camino sacral”- Inductions of the Sacred in Contemporary Sculpture”- Fiat-Iveco showroom, Letcani, Iasi.

Small Salon Bucharest, 4th edition „Image of the Human Body versus Subjective Geometry”- Gallery Art House

Creation Camp of the AIFCAP association- Eforie Sud

Exhibition at the Constanta Art Museum

Creation camp of the Elena Surdu Stanescu Foundation - Sulina

2011 – “Contemporary Romanian Art - Sulina 5”, National Village Museum, “Gheorghe Focsa” Hall, Bucharest


“Romanian Contemporary Art ”- Metopa Pitesti Gallery

“Exequies”- MNAC (National Museum of Contemporary Art), May - June

National Salon of Contemporary Art - Ramnicu-Valcea, August

Personal Exhibitions

2001 – Sculpture Exhibition, UNARTE Gallery, Bucharest

2002 – Sculpture Exhibition, “Simeza” Gallery, Bucharest

2005 – Sculpture Exhibition, “Art House” Gallery, Bucharest      

2006 – Drawing and Sculpture Exhibition, Accademia di Romania in Rome, Italy

2007 – Drawing and Sculpture Exhibition, Cultural Centre - Mogosoaia Palace

2008 – Drawing and Sculpture Exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute, Venice, Italy

2009 – Sculpture Exhibition “Der Zauber Der Zauberflöte”, Gallery „729 im Lehel”, Munich, Germany

2012 – Sculpture Exhibition, “Bronze drafts”, “Watchmaking - Primo Minuto” Ploiesti, Romania


2013 – Restoration/preservation, “Three Works from the Museum of UNARTE Restored in Cooperation with the Bucharest National Military Museum”


2014 – Sculpture Exhibition, “Work within the Home”, “Simeza” Gallery, Bucharest

Prizes and Sholarships

1993 – Prize of the “Marcel Guguianu” Foundation

1994 – Scholarship of the “Cratère” Foundation, France


1995 –“Theodor Aman” Scholarship

1995 – Documentation internship at the “N. Iorga” Institute, Venice, Italy

2000 – “Gheorghe Anghel” Prize for Sculpture

2004-2006 – “V. Parvan” Scholarhip, Accademia di Romania in Rome, Italy

Activity as Freelancer in the Field of Sculpture

Many sculptures in bronze; trophy of the “Tribuna Economica” magazine, trophy for “Romanian Open Tennis” in 1999; trophy of the “Investitii si Profit” magazine 2007,  “Observatorul Cultural” magazine prize.

Many works in State and private collections in the country and abroad.

Published Works

2006 – Catalogue of the National Art Salon 2006 - Bucharest, UAP Romania, ISBN (10) 973-86483-8-6  

Ephemeris Daco-Romena, yearbook of the Accademia di Romania in Rome, 2004-2006, - scholars' exhibition.


2008 – PhD thesis with the title “Landmarks of the Monumental Sculpture in Bronze”, UNARTE Publishing House, 2008, ISBN: 978-973-1922-02-07.

Interview, the “Eva” magazine, no 50, March 2008.

2009 – Communication session of the FAP 2009, „Study on the Execution of Copies after the Work “Ecorche” created by Brancusi”, UNARTE Publishing House.


2009 – the book “Child Praying”- Restoration of a Copy”, UNARTE Publishing House, ISBN 978-973-1922-48-5


The book “L’Adorante”- Il Restauro di una copia”, UNARTE Publishing House, ISBN 978-973-1922-60-7 

2010 “Workshops of Artists from Bucharest”, 3rd part, Noi Media print, Bucharest, ISBN 978-973-1805-55-9

2010 - the book “Art and Technology - Sculpture in Bronze”, UNARTE Publishing House, ISBN 978-973-1922-79-9


2011 “Medical Language - History and Perspectives”, “Gr. T. Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi, Publishing House Alfa, Iasi,  ISBN 978-606-540-058-0, participant with the paper “Ecorche Brancusi - Gerota. Recent Researches”, copy from Iasi.